The Fall of the Ball, Sam “Tebow” Ehlinger and Countdown to the Draft


What is happening guys? I know I have taken sort of a furlough of late in relation to releasing a ‘weekly’ blog. I have had a lot on my plate with school, work, fantasy baseball, taking care of a pooch and hiding from the Feds.

So, I want to get back on track and try to release a blog on a weekly basis once more. A lot has happened in the sport’s world since my last entry.

  • March Madness and Duke busts the majority’s bracket
  • Ja Morant, who finally gets that national exposure, can BALL
  • LeBron and the Lakers are taking the L for the season
  • AB and Le’Veon have new homes
  • Baseball season has commenced
  • T-minus 20 days until the draft
  • Robert Kraft adds another ring to his collection
  • Mike Trout gets that once-in-a-lifetime money
  • BBB is almost official history
  • McGregor retires and seemingly announces his return
  • KP rape allegations

There is more, but you get the gist. A lot of stuff happens on a day-by-day basis in the sport’s world, similarly to politics. And like politics, there are many different avenues to pursue and inquire about. So, what do you say, let’s get started!

First off, why don’t we tackle the KP rape allegation. Let me be clear: I am not saying he did OR did not do it. However, let’s just start with common knowledge. KP is 7’3″ with a 7’6″ wingspan. Do you honestly believe someone of that magnitude in stature can walk about in public and not get noticed? Absolutely not. Not to be insensitive, but we all unconsciously notice and point out the peculiarities we see in others, e.g., if they are 500 lbs, 50 lbs, smell bad, loud/obnoxious (guilty), funky hairstyle, etc. This man is 7’3″. . . What is he going to do in public that IS NOT NOTICED? If he drugged someone at the bar, he would have to either 1) throw him/her over his shoulder and carry them to his room or 2) drag him/her like a trash bag to get them back to his room. Any reasonable person can deduce that that is, in fact, out of the ordinary and take note. According to Yahoo Sports, Cuban was quoted saying:

“I will say this,” Cuban said with a grin on his face. “Some people need to do their homework and use some common sense. A little bit of common sense is so enlightening.”

I personally hate the Mavericks, but Cuban is one of the most intelligent, well-spoken and respected people in the world. The man knows what he is talking about in business and it is absurd if you believe he adheres to sexual misconduct within the workplace and neglects due diligence.

Like I said before, I do not know one way or another if KP actually did sexually assault that woman, but I know he did not pluck her out of public like an eagle zeroing in on a worm. It is likely that the person consensually went up to his room on her own power and autonomy. I will not speculate more on what happens next because I do not know the details, dialogue and actions that took place that night. I will leave that up to the courts to decide if foul play occurred. I will, however, share a laugh about the Knicks not truthfully disclosing the allegation to the Mavericks. Such a Knicks thing to do – screw up with out anyone else’s help. Just a reminder of how bad that organization is from the top-down: James Dolan, who is the owner of the New York Knicks, banned a fan for life for saying “Sell the team”

This man is soft. Just watch, the Knicks will not score a big-time player and likely will not get that illustrious number one overall pick (Zion). “How do I know?” you might ask. Because it is the Knicks – nothing goes according to the plan.

I gotta tell you. . . That UT win over UGA in the Sugar Bowl just makes me grin from ear to ear. I mean seriously, Texas SMASHED the Dogs. Sure, it was a seven-point game difference in the final score, but Texas handled its offense and more importantly the defensive front all game long. If it was not for a missed field goal and two targeting calls on Georgia’s last drive, it was a double-digit win. Tommy Boy is absolutely killing it and reminding folks who forgot – Texas IS BACK. Just wait for that week two LSU matchup.

I have been saying it all year long – Sam Ehlinger is a top-five FBS QB1 and a is more fundamentally sound thrower than Tim Tebow. Let me first clarify that Tebow is probably the greatest college QB1 of all-time. With that said, look at his highlights and compare and contrast it with Ehlinger’s sophomore year highlights. I would wager that not only do you see a striking resemblance, but Sam might arguably have a better highlight-reel.

Here is a cumulative collection of highlights posted on youtube
Sam Ehlinger’s sophomore season

A lot of similarities between the two QBs. However, I would say Sammy boy is a better passer than his legendary counterpart. For one, with something as simple as the eye-test. Sam visibly throws a prettier ball than Tebow. Secondly, let’s compare stats:

Tebow’s sophomore stats:

  • 32 passing touchdowns
  • 23 rushing touchdowns
  • 6 interceptions
  • 3,286 passing yards
  • 895 rushing yards
  • Completion percentage of 66.9
  • QB Rating of 172.5

Sam Ehlinger’s sophomore stats:

  • 25 passing touchdowns
  • 16 rushing touchdowns
  • 5 interceptions
  • 3,292 passing yards
  • 482 rushing yards
  • Completion percentage of 64.7
  • QB rating of 146.8

Just looking at it by the numbers, Tebow is significantly favored over Ehlinger, which is rightfully so. Tebow is Tebow and very few, if any, have had a more exciting career than him. However, Sammy boy plays eerily similar to the former Gator and has significantly better mechanics. The biggest difference between the two is that Tebow extensively looked to run throughout his career, whereas the more experience Ehlinger gets, he chooses to stay in the pocket and throw. The biggest similarity of the two is their ability to run over the opposition, particularly at the goal line:

Sam lowers his shoulder to level the ensuing defender. Personally, I prefer my QB’s to get out of bounds and avoid making serious contact, but I LOVE WHEN SOMEONE LAYS THE WOOD. Now look at a goal line situation with Tebow:

Fast forward to the 3:13 mark in the clip

Pretty crazy, right? Obviously Ehlinger has more work to do in order to match up to a legacy such as Tebow, but I am confident he will succeed. It is important perhaps the biggest distinction between the two players is establishment. Texas has been in a state of purgatory since its 2009-10 loss (win if McCoy played) to the Crimson Tide. Florida had arguably one of the greatest coaches AND recruiters at the helm, an established offensive juggernaut and an SEC defense that virtually had no one to match their prowess (similar to Alabama in the SEC West division, Ohio State in East division and Clemson in ACC Atlantic division.

People who disagree with me, most notably my roommate S/O Chuck Monroe @Scottmonroe6 (Only a select few get to call him Chuck), will say “Texas is suppose to get those players,” or “They always have a top five recruiting class.” Texas is a brand more than anything, but just because you are a brand does not translate to success. Look at the Lakers – the unquestioned biggest brand within the NBA and always the hottest destination for an impending free-agent to consider departing for. Just being a brand in itself is not sufficient – you need personnel to back it up.

Tom Herman IS backing it up and in style. Since taking the helm, he has reached postseason play twice, top-three recruiting class twice, a conference championship berth, two bowl game wins, and a 10-win season all in two seasons. Before his inaugural year at the tail end of 2016, here is Texas from 2010-16:

  • Three winning seasons (2011-’13)
  • From 2011-’16, a 46-42 combined record (approximately 52% win rate)
  • 2-2 bowl game record (missing postseason play three times)
  • No conference championships
  • Three National All-Americans
  • No top-25 end-of-the-year ranking

To put Texas’ decline into reality, let’s take a look at the finished record seven years BEFORE the National Championship loss:

  • From 2002-’08, a 77-13 combined record (approximately 86% win rate)
  • 2005 National Title (greatest college game ever played, next to Kick-Six)
  • 6-1 bowl game record
  • One conference championship
  • 22 National All-Americans (some players earned honors in multiple years)
  • Finished in top-25 end-of-the-year ranking EVERY YEAR (Top-7 four times)

The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of TEXAS. We are back, baby, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. Look for Texas to be included early and often from the start of the season as a potential playoff contender and how year three of the Tom Herman-era unfolds.

The draft is almost among us and the gossip should be heating up here real soon. If you are a Cardinals fan like myself, you find yourself in quite the predicament. Do we draft another QB in the first round in consecutive years and let the two face off against each other in pre-season, or do we actually draft for something in need, such as. . . pretty much everything.

You can not pass up on defensive-end Nick Bosa. The younger brother of All-Pro Joey Bosa, he is head-and-shoulders above everybody else in this defensive-rich draft, with Quinnen Williams not too far behind. Arizona allowed a league-worse 2,479 rushing yards, 25 rushing touchdowns, and an average 154.9 yards per game. But no, let’s draft Kyler Murray and drop Josh Rosen after starting one year with the team. This process worked with Cleveland very well. It only took them a decade to figure it out.

The worst part about the Cardinals passing up on Bosa will be who he goes too – San Fransisco 49ers. I promise you, Bosa will be on a mission to make Arizona pay for passing up on his freakish talent. Pairing him with Buckner and Thomas on that defensive-line, the trio will be blood-thirsty and will undoubtably feast upon the Cardinals poor, feeble offensive-line. Kyler or Josh, it truly will not matter. It is not like Arizona has an influx of studs. David Johnson is our best player, but no running back can muster any type of momentum when blocking up front is an issue. Larry Legend is entering into his 116th year and will soon retire from the sport. Everyone will miss you, Larry, especially are QBs.

There is usually a clear-cut prospect who everyone deems as the first pick in the draft. This year, it is swirling around rumors of what Arizona will and won’t do. I can tell you, as a fan, Kingsbury is going to do what Kingsbury wants and will draft Murray.

As a head coach for Texas Tech, he went 35-40 and his only claim to fame is being the offensive coordinator for Johnny Manziel and being the head coach of Patrick Mahomes. Kingsbury’s hire was the result of the Sean McVay effect – young, offensive-minded, players coach that bring their new system to the not-so traditional NFL.

Time will tell if I am wrong in already writing Kingsbury off as a head coach in the NFL. The man has the looks, but I am not sure he has the brains. You have to be able to adapt to the lifestyle the NFL brings. Having a revamped offense is one part of the game, you need an improved defense and stable special teams if one ever wants to compete. Arizona’s defense, specifically our defense against the run, is atrocious and needs correcting (insert Nick Bosa).

The draft should be a national holiday, sort of like independence day. It gives each and every organization an opportunity to pick players that will hopefully beat their tyrannical division leader and reclaim the throne with one player at a time. Take the day off, get your team’s jersey on, order some wings and craft brews and find a big TV because IT IS A BIG DEAL. Watch the reactions of your fellow viewers – are they happy, sad, upset? If Murray goes to Arizona, you will see me start to develop a dissociative disorder come Sundays (I HATE OKLAHOMA). Enjoy the weather, people. See you next time.

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