2019 NFL Draft Edition: 1st Round Analysis featuring Nate Gust



Alas, it is DRAFT DAY. I am joined by one of my best friends and NFL fantasy guru – Nate Gust. This week’s blog will be more of an evaluation, prediction and analysis piece instead of the usual dog and pony show. (Ok, it is really a little over a week later, but it is finals week and getting in contact with Nathan Gust is no easy feat. Writing in-depth analysis is not as easy as you may think, it takes a lot of work and prep, so feel free to donate to our cause via venmo.)

First and foremost, I got my Patrick Peterson jersey on and Gusty boy does not have a jersey, but it is not due to negligence, but rather he simply does not remember where he put it. If you know Gust at all, you understand how it is entirely possible he does not remember where his Packers jersey is.

This year’s draft is in Nashville, Tennessee and it looks like a superb spectacle. It is outside and seems more interactive than ever. My team, Arizona, has the first overall pick this year with Gust’s Packers having the 12th pick. It is pretty clear at this point who the Cardinals are going to select – much to my dismay. However, I have seen on numerous mocks the Packers going a bunch of different ways. From Iowa tight-end Hockenson, linebacker Devin Bush from UM and edge-defender Brian Burns from FSU.

Nonetheless, let’s get started . . .

Arizona Cardinals’ predictions:

Dylan: Unfortunately, I have to go with Kyler Murray from OU. Who am I kidding, you know his name and his ability. It is no secret the sexy Kliff Kingsbury wants this guy. I have noted in my previous blog just how atrocious the Cardinals defense is against the rush. Nonetheless, this is a Vegas certainty. Pull out your checkbooks, kids.

Gust: Kyler Murray, Oklahoma. Kliff Kingsbury wants his guy, he gets his guy. I don’t think the months of chatter will amount to nothing. As much as I hate the idea of essentially wasting the 10th overall selection last year for Josh Rosen, I have faith Steve Keim will be able to recoup some assets for him later on during the draft.

Actual pick: Kyler Murray

Overall grade:

Dylan: C- Murray is the better option under a Kingsbury system than Josh Rosen. Rosen has the potential to be a franchise QB, but not really the type of QB to run under spread/air raid. I can see the Redskins, Dolphins and maybe… just maybe… the Patriots? The biggest thing people need to understand that, yes, Murray is an amazing prospect and can throw the ball, but he was a part of a system that is built for dual-threat QBs. I am not taking anything away from his ability, but you have to be conscious of the fact that most QBs in the NFL who stand less than the cookie-cutter template (6’3″ and 230 lbs) do not usually last; of course there are exceptions. Kingsbury is not a winning coach, so it begs the question: “was this worth it?” Check back in five years and we will have our answer. For me, he needs to be better than Mike Vick if he wants my love.

Gust: B- Not discrediting Murray as a player, but rather the front office for picking a quarterback in the top 10 in back to back drafts. With the change in HC and offensive philosophy Murray is definitely a better option than Josh Rosen, but giving up on a player you traded up for last season seems like a loss to me any way you put it. Alas, Murray will be the starting QB heading into the 2019 season and I think fans in the desert should be excited. The claims that he is the greatest high school quarterback may be a stretch, but I believe his Russel Wilson-esque elusiveness and more than competent accuracy as a thrower will amount to more cheers than headaches for the Cardinals.

San Francisco 49ers’ predictions:

Dylan: This is about as obvious as a cold sore. Nick Bosa will dominate early and often like his older brother, Joey. The only concern people see in Bosa is his injury history and his pro-Trump remarks. Do not let this man’s political views diminish his potential value. The snowflakes in San Fran need to suck it up and watch this man work.

Nate: Who cares if you just picked up Dee Ford this offseason? Adding Nick Bosa could prove to be a pivotal moment in the success I believe this organization will have over the next decade. Bosa could see early success being around a proven veteran like Dee Ford, just as his brother did with Melvin Ingram. Slam Dunk pick, hopefully the Cardinals don’t regret passing on him down the road…..

Actual pick: Nick Bosa

Overall grade:

Dylan: A+ Pairing him with Buckner and Ford will be a force on the defensive front. This pains me deeply because the Cards will play this man twice a year and he will be hungry. If Armstead and Thomas can live up to the hype, this San Fran line will be dangerous. Like I said before, Bosa is not an Alt-Right member, he is just conservative. Do not question his integrity – he will go out and perform day-in-and-out without anyone second-guessing his character. Health is a concern, but it is concern for anyone who has been injured before, it is not exclusive to elite prospects. This was a slam dunk. In a division that is predominately ran by offensive-minded coaches, this is what you want and need.

Gust: A+ Since I can remember watching football as a 5 year old kid, every weekend there was (and still is) a Manning suiting up to play. Now, it will be the Bosa family dominating weekly starting lineups for the next decade on the opposite side of the ball. Nick Bosa couldn’t have had a better situation fall into his lap. Sat out the majority of the season last year to prepare for the NFL, get drafted in the top 5 of the draft, and go to a team on the rise with now arguably the deepest defensive front in the NFC, if they can all play up to their potential. Dee Ford, Soloman Thomas, Deforest Buckner, Arik Armstead and now Nick Bosa?? Another thing to note, the Kyler Murray pick could be seen as a disaster if he doesn’t live up to expectations and Bosa goes on to have a great career, and it will be on full display as a matchup that we’ll get to see twice a year going forward.

New York Jets’ predictions:

Dylan: Quinnen Williams aka the “Brace-faced monster,” is arguably the best player in the draft. I watch SEC football more than any other conference and I have not seen someone dominate like this since Suh. I hear scouts are primarily concerned with playing time, since he was essentially a one-an-done at Alabama. Nonsense. He is a dominate interior lineman and he is the perfect compliment to Williams. The two W’s, CJ Mosley and Jamal Adams will show early on if they got the JUICE.

Gust: The Jets can’t mess this up. The top 2 prospects were Bosa and Quinnen Williams by a landslide. Although the interior of the defensive line isn’t a dire need, picking the best players should be a priority. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t the pick, unless they decided to trade back to accumulate more picks after losing so many in the Sam Darnold trade a year ago.

Actual pick: Quinnen Williams

Overall grade:

Dylan: A+ Williams is considered by a lot to be the No. 1 overall player and rightfully so. He dominated as a three-tech in college and will undoubtably continue his reign in the AFC East. This is might be considered a ‘hot take’ but this man could potentially be our generation’s Reggie White. He is that good.

Gust: A+ Quinnen Williams was seen by many as the best prospect in this draft, so GM Mike Maccagnan was wise to scoop him up here just as he did with Leonard Williams at 6th overall in 2015. You don’t see guys his size move and collapse the pocket with as much consistency as he exhibits often, but his lone year of production had many people on the outside worried about his career trajectory. I think his past season at Alabama was merely the birth of this monster, and he’ll only become scarier the more he plays.

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders’ prediction

Dylan: We all know how much Mel Kiper Jr. loves to say “Josh Allen.” However, this time around, it is a defensive juggernaut. The UK product has broken records at the school has shown dominate performances against UF and UT. For goodness sakes, he had 21 tackles for loss and 17 sacks!!! FEED HIM MAHOMES AND RIVERS’ HEARTS. He will fit beautifully in Oakland and hopefully fill the void in Khalil Mack.

Gust: Finally something Dylan and I disagree on in these predictions. I know Josh Allen was dominant this year, but I don’t think the Raiders will pick a guy with 1 year of production to replace what they lost in Kahlil Mack. Feels like a reach to me. Meanwhile a player like Devin White just feels like a Gruden pick. A leader in the defense that can fly around and make plays like a Ryan Shazier. Big decisions for the Raiders can’t wait to see what Mayock does in his first draft as a GM.

Actual pick: Clelin Ferrell

Overall grade:

Dylan: B I do not have a problem with this pick per se. I absolutely love the ‘power rangers’ dynamic the whole defensive line embraced this past year. If you live under a rock, you would not know just how dominate Clemson’s defensive-line was last year in the trenches. Clelin Ferrell, Dexter Lawerence, Austin Bryant and Christian Wilkins dominated the CFB championship – like most of the games the quartet have played in. I had Ferrell pegged going to Seattle later in the first round (replacing Frank Clark), but this is by no means out of left field – Ferrell is a worthy pick, I just do not know if he is top-five worthy. Especially when you have players more physically gifted on the board still.

Gust: B- I can see what Mike Mayock is trying to do with this pick. He’s trying to fill the void of a leader like Khalil Mack and replace him with a younger, gifted player with similar traits (albeit not nearly on the same level) to become the new leader of the defense. To prove what kind of leader Ferrell is, he returned to Clemson to finish what he started and win a national championship as a senior, something not many players choose to do when the lore of the league is looming over them. Where the problem arises is the depth of the DL in this draft, with a number of prospects being ranked in the top 25, so a player of similar value could probably be had at one of their later first round picks. Still, I don’t see why this prospect would cause so much indecision between the scouts and the front office….which means you can bet there will be more draft drama on this weeks episode of “Keeping up with the Raiderdashians.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ prediction:

Dylan: Bruce Airians return to serve as the head coach of Tampa Bay should be a moral victory for the whole city. Arians has an amazing track record (revitalized Carson Palmer into a top 15-QB for a few years) in his tenure. The Bucs are in need of stellar linebacker play with David not as productive as he once was. This guy is perfect for a Todd Bowles defense. Devin White ran a 4.42 40-yard dash – this guy can literally cover the field for you and keep up with the speedsters on the offensive side of the ball.

Gust: Ok let’s try this again. Same pick, different team, but this is where he’s been mocked all offseason. After losing Kwon Alexander, Devin White would be a perfect replacement to shore up the middle of their’ defense. The Bucs have holes all over the team but having a player that can play the run and pass like White is a great step in the right direction. Might be the only linebacker, outside of Luke, who can contain Kamara in open space.

Actual pick: Devin White

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- I have literally seen Devin White defend the whole field horizontally. This beast can keep up with the best of them and is tremendous in coverage. He was originally a running-back, but you can see why he switched over – Fournette, Guice, Brossett. Rare combination of power, speed and the “it” factor. I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to the SEC – I watch pretty much every game played on Saturday, but do not necessarily like any of the teams. It is just great football, guy. What else can I say? The only thing that bothers me about White is he sometimes is overzealous and takes bad angles to the ballcarrier. Nonetheless, he is a stud.

Gust: A I wanted Devin White to fall to the Packers so badly it almost hurt. With so many offenses utilizing RBs who will run a plethora of routes each week, as well as TEs who run routes like receivers, linebackers who have the speed to roam and make tackles on the outside as well as in the box have translated to success far more often than not. While I don’t think Devin White will be just like Luke Kuechly, I believe his impact will be similar. Losing Kwon Alexander ended up helping this team out more than it hurt them, because this guy is going to be special.

New York Giants’ prediction:

Dylan: Giants need a QB with Eli on the outskirts of his career. NYG lost OBJ and are only really left with Saquon. Evan Ingram and Sterling Shepard are only as good as the QB play. GM Gettlemen needs to go edge-defender because 1) best available 2) need to retool a defense that is lacking serious luster and leadership. HOWEVER, I have seen so many reports confirming Daniel Jones as their “guy,” I am afraid it might be willed into existence.

Gust: The Giants have been all over the place in draft circles, with just about every pick on the big board going to them in the first round. With that said, the best player available is still Josh Allen, but Dave Gettleman has proven time and time again over the past few off-seasons that he is incompetent as an NFL GM, so your guess is as good as mine as to who this pick will be.

Actual pick: Daniel Jones

Overall grade:

Dylan: D The reason I chose Jones over Haskins here essentially came down to really something so simple and arbitrary – Haskins said his best interview was with the Raiders. At first, I thought the Giants were trying to deliver a makeshift smokescreen by emphasizing how much the team likes Daniel Jones, but after hearing Haskins say – or rather what he did not say – it became apparent the Giants were all in on Jones. I do not like this pick, especially since he would have been there at 17, but Gettlemen will do what Gettlemen wants. I saw him play in his bowl game against Temple, in which he played tremendous. However, he has underperformed his whole career compared to expectations. He was not even ranked when recruited, this just shows how teams still value the cookie-cutter prototype build for QBs instead of actual ability.

Gust: F The looks on the faces of Giants fans when they announced this pick were absolutely priceless. There aren’t enough words to describe how much I dislike this pick, and this short paragraph won’t even do it justice. If the Giants don’t win more than 15 games over the next 2 years, Dave Gettlemen needs to be let go. Every claim and prediction that has came out of his mouth over the past 2 years has done nothing but make Giants fans terrified of life after Eli Manning. Congrats to Daniel Jones for getting drafted in the top 10? I guess that’s something you’ll be able to look back at and smile about after your career is over, but not much else.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ prediction:

Dylan: You have to go Josh Allen here because he is the best available, although I can see them going with Ed Oliver to replace Malik Jackson or TJ Hockenson to give Foles a little bit of sugar on offense. Allen stationed on the edge, paired with Jack and Smith up the middle, followed by the tenacious DBs Ramsey and Bouye patrolling the backfield… Ru Roh Raggy. Allen provides a perfect edge-rusher here. I can see the Jags going after the Iowa tight-end to give Foles some more options, but you cannot pass up on Allen.

Gust: Josh Allen is still on the board, but all week the talk has been Ed Oliver or an offensive lineman. Ed Oliver wasn’t a 5-star prospect coming out of high school for no reason, and the Jags need someone who could be a special talent, which I’m not set on Allen being. I don’t think he is an Aaron Donald clone, but if he’s even half the player he is this will be a great pick.

Actual pick: Josh Allen

Overall grade:

Dylan: B+ The man can simply play the game at a high level. As I mentioned before, Allen increased his production and effectiveness tenfold this last season at UK. Although the Jags might not be ‘Sacksonville’ anymore, this adds a linebacker who is a split between a defensive-end and outside-linebacker. The man had over 15 sacks last year. He might be third in line behind Jack and Smith, but he will earn his keep. I love the term “edge-rusher” because that is what this man does – HE EATS.

Gust: B Dylan was trying to convince me that Josh Allen will be a fantastic player in the league, but I just couldn’t see it. After I watched more of him, I realized I need to forget about the 1 year of incredible production compared to his previous 2 average years. This man is a stud. It’s crazy to me that an edge rusher from Kentucky could be the type of player he is, seeing how Bud Dupree’s pre-draft analysis was quite similar but his career has been relatively stagnant so far. I hope Josh Allen proves me wrong and becomes a pro-bowl caliber player for the Jags, being a guy who gets around 10 sacks a season consistently in his prime.

Detroit Lions’ prediction:

Dylan: The Lions should select an offensive lineman due to the NFC North’s emergence as perhaps home to the two of the most dominating defenses in Minnesota and Chicago. However, Stafford needs weapons and arguably the biggest offensive stud on the board is TJ Hockenson. Shoulda coulda woulda is the montra for this team. TJ Hockenson is the move here even though they need a o-lineman and Ed Oliver on the board still. Detroit let Ebron get away, they can immediately forget his name forever if the team selects Gronky Jr. After all, seeing Ebron succeed should tempt the team to give it another shot – should coulda woulda.

Gust: So many mock drafts have had the Lions drafting a TE, do none of these people remember when they wasted a first round pick on Brandon Pettigrew? Detroit definitely hasn’t forgotten, so they’ll take the best OL prospect on the board and take Jonah Williams. Not the best athlete but he has by far the best technique and that should translate well.

Actual pick: TJ Hockenson

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- Most people last year would of told you about this cat named Noah Fant. Fant, who is also still on the board and an eventual first round pick, is a perfect tight-end for today’s game with the hands of a wide receiver. However, Hockenson has shown he has the ability to consistently catch the ball and is a tremendous blocker – something that is neglected in this league nowadays. He has all the hype and more importantly the tools at his disposal to join elite company.

Gust: B Not going to lie, I laughed at the fact I predicted the Lions wouldn’t take a TE because they would be too scared of the risk and then ended up doing so. In terms of what the Lions want to do to get more out of Matt Stafford while also becoming a team that runs the football and not pass it 55 times a game, this is a solid pick. The problem I have is the spot they took him at. In the last decade I can only think of 1 TE that would put up great numbers in his rookie season: Gronk. And he was drafted in the 2nd round. I get that Matt Patricia is trying to build the New England Lions, but do they really think Hockenson is going to catch 10 touchdowns in his rookie year from Matthew Stafford, when Gronk had Tom Brady throwing it to him instead? His sophomore year though, that could be a whole different story.

Buffalo Bills’ prediction:

Dylan: Ed Oliver from Houston here because he was originally a top-five pick going into the year. The only reason he has slid down was because he is not Nick Bosa and Quinnen Williams, along with teams who have more pressing needs. Kyle Williams’ retirement might be a signal from the almighty above that Oliver has to be the move. Not everyday does a top-five worthy pick fall into your lap, we have to see if the Bills have enough vaseline to pull the trigger.

Gust: Ed Oliver is the smart pick for Buffalo, but once again they’re a team that could go a number of directions. I don’t think the Bills will make the smart pick and instead invest in protection for Josh Allen. Jonah Williams made it past the Lions, who I thought would’ve snatched up immediately, instead he heads to western New York.

Actual pick: Ed Oliver

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- Some scouts will tell you he was not used ‘correctly’ at Houston, but I do not agree with that. Listen, when you have a guy as physically gifted as Oliver, you have to plan for him. Naturally is production went down because keyed in on more, but same thing happened to Jadevon Clowney. Hard to have similar production when you are the subject of every blocking scheme known to man. He is not Aaron Donald, but he is built like a brick shit house. You cannot pass up on a top-five pick who fell this far. He reminds me of Justin Tuck with higher upside.

Gust: A Great pick for Buffalo. All around this team just needs to get better from a talent standpoint. I get they want a receiver in the worst way, but the value of taking a guy with this kind of athleticism will allow your entire defensive unit to experiment and become better as a whole. Oliver’s ceiling is Aaron Donald, but I think his floor isn’t too far behind. I like the direction Buffalo is taking.

*Denver Broncos’ prediction:

Dylan: Elway has said since day one that he is infatuated with Mizzo QB Drew Lock. Lock has continually gotten better throughout his tenure at Mizzo. He definitely has the arm and intangibles you look for in a QB, but being a cookie-cutter prospect is not necessarily a guarantee for success. Time will tell with Lock in the Mile High city. Elway does not really have the best track record with QB decisions. The guys on TV showed a nice graph in relation to overall record of starting QBs at the helm after the retirement of Manning (here’s a hint: it would not get you a passing grade in woodshop and that class is impossible to fail).

Gust: I’m glad Dylan highlighted Elway’s success as a QB evaluator, because to this point it’s been lackluster to say the least. Once again, a QB has been rumored to have stolen the heart of Elway, and I believe every bit of it. Although they just signed Joe Flacco and he received a vote of confidence from his GM, Drew Lock is going to be the pick for Denver.


Overall grade:

Dylan: A+ I honestly did not see this coming, especially from the Steelers. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Devin Bush (even more than White) because of his aggression, fire and win-at-all-costs attitude. You want to see a clear-cut example, look up “Devin Bush MSU field.” DO NOT STARE HIM DIRECTLY IN THE EYE, it might invoke anger and it might be the last thing you ever do. No secret the Steelers are not the same without Shazier, Bush teamed with Watt will be a dynamic duo for years to come and will be better than Bowman and Willis were in San Fran.

Gust: A+ I read earlier on in the week that people couldn’t see the Steelers taking a linebacker in the first round because of the Ryan Shazier situation. I understand some don’t want to replace him given the injury and how it would feel to him, but the NFL is a business and the Steelers can’t put their future on hold to see if Shazier can ever come back, let alone be the type of player he was before the injury. Insert Devin Bush, who is everything Shazier was with better pass rushing skills. The Steel Curtain continues to draft players that fit their culture and Bush is a perfect guy to be the new leader for it. Imagine if Shazier comes back and picks up right where he left off and has Devin Bush for a running mate?? Absolutely mayhem.

Cincinatti Bengals’ prediction:

Dylan : It is apparent more than ever that Andy Dalton is no longer Cincy’s cornerstone. With the recent hire of offensive-minded Zac Taylor as the head coach, he is going to need a signal caller he can shape and mold and who else would be better than Big 10’s Dwayne Haskins?. Haskins not only broke Drew Brees touchdown record, but he obliterated it. No one at the the time knew Drew Brees would be Drew Brees. Dwayne definitely can be a franchise QB in this league. Total package. He is a Heisman winner in most years, he just happens to be in a league where Murray and Tua play.

Gust: The way the draft is shaking out, the Bengals could go a bunch of different ways. But I agree with Dylan, taking a QB should be a priority for new coach Zac Taylor. Just as Kliff Kingsbury did in Arizona, Taylor needs to mold his offense around his own leader, with Dwayne Haskins being his QB of the future. Andy Dalton has done next to nothing to keep his hold on the starting job since he was drafted, and I think the new coaching staff realizes the writing is on the wall for him as well.

Actual pick: Jonah Williams

Overall grade:

Dylan: B I do not mind the pick, it simply begs the question: Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Do we draft a QB first or get are line squared away? Cincy needs a quarterback desperately but the sad truth is the team pretty much needs an upgrade on everything. The Bengals have its running-back of the future in Mixon and an all-pro wide-receiver in AJ Green, along with solid tight-end Tyler Eifert. Getting some fresh legs on the line is always and will continue to be a pressing need for every team. Cincy might trade up again in the later part of the first round to snag whoever they feel could be their guy if he is left on the board. The Bengals will have a top-five pick next year and will get to choose between Tua and Jake Fromm.

Gust: C+ It feels like every year the Bengals draft an offensive lineman in the early rounds, and nearly all of them have been a waste. It is true Jonah Williams was the top OL prospect, but there were also a boatload of questions surrounding his athleticism leading up to the draft. This team is in a very strange spot right now, they could either remain mediocre or be terrible, they won’t be good. Using the “build up through the trenches in the draft” philosophy only works if the guys you pick pan out, maybe Jonah will be the start of that.

Green Bay Packers’ prediction:

Dylan: I can see the Packers drafting Fant from Iowa here. Rodgers needs offensive weapons to surround their QB with, but Rashan Gary is still here and could make an immediate impact. Mike Daniels and Kenny Clark are solid, so adding Gary will be a great compliment. So does Jeffrey Simmons from Mississippi State as a defensive lineman. It is a difficult choice because you can trade back and probably still get a great player you would want here with the addition of another pick. Tough to tell, but I am going with Gary.

Gust: Even being a diehard cheesehead, this pick has baffled me from the beginning of the offseason, since then it’s gotten even worse after the slew of free agency signings they made as well. The Packers always emphasize the trenches with their early picks, something Ted Thompson passed down to Brian Gutekunst. With that said, the best offensive lineman on the board is Jawaan Taylor, and the best defensive lineman is Rashan Gary. It’ll be one of the two.

Actual pick: Rashan Gary

Overall grade:

Dylan: B- Just saw Gust get up from the couch and fist pump in the air. I think my boy likes the pick, which is actually rare for someone who does not have a top-five pick to wholeheartedly and unconditionally love their teams pick. The last pick I absolutely loved initially was Robert Nkemdiche at No. 27 in ’16 and Patrick Peterson at No. 5 in ’11 with what seems like forever ago. Gary was the No. 1 recruit out of highs school in ’16. He has not always been the most productive and has been outshine by Chase Winovich, but Gary is a top-caliber player nonetheless. He is the best player available and and will contribute right away. I am curious to see if his production will increase once surrounded by an above average defensive-line in Green Bay.

Gust: A This is a homer pick by me. I remember all of the hype Rashan Gary had coming out of high school, and I hated when he picked Michigan of all schools to play for, mainly due to my fondness towards Jim Harbaugh (too many bad playoff losses to his 49er’s teams). I’m absolutely ecstatic to have him in Green Bay. The Packers did add edge rush help in free agency, but I think they’ll use Gary at multiple positions along the line as well as edge rusher, making him a swiss-army type player to account for on every down. The versatility Mike Pettine will have at his disposal with this defense next year has me wishing it was September already.

Miami Dolphins’ prediction:

Dylan: Have to go defensive lineman here. Brian Burns of FSU and Jeffrey Simmons of Miss State are on the board still, along with Christian Wilkins. All three players shined defensively, with Burns and Simmons tethered to mediocre offenses (yes, I said Miss State is mediocre). FSU in particular has not been the powerhouse program it has in years past, but the defense has never wavered. Miss State has one of the best defensive lines this past year with both Sweat and Simmons potential first round locks. For me, Clemson had the best defensive-line this past year and an even better offense. Has to be between these three players. I am going to choose Jeffrey Simmons.

Gust: 2 QB’s remain that people thought could go in this area, one of the landing spots being the Dolphins. With that being said, Miami has also all but came out and said they’ll be tanking, and signing Ryan Fitzpatrick has made that a reality. Jeffery Simmons is the BPA, and won’t play immediately, which is all part of the plan going forward in Miami. How often does it work out that you get a top 10 prospect in a draft with the hopes of still losing that season, to ensure another top 10 selection the next offseason? It’s not anything fans are used to seeing, and I hope it doesn’t start a trend of tanking moving forward.

Actual pick: Christian Wilkins

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- I am not surprised at all with this pick. Wilkins is an incredible talent. Personally I liked Ferrell more than both Wilkins and Lawerence, but it is like choosing between a filet, sirloin and a NY strip – you win no matter what. Wilkins was a four-year starter and only gotten better as time went on, showcasing his immense power and dominance in the CFB playoffs. Miami needs a new leader on the defensive side of the ball and they got him. Plus he about mauled Roger at the draft. Sure Portnoy smiled at that.

Gust: B+ I like what Miami did with this pick. They were slotted to move up, down, and completely out of the first round in most mock drafts leading up to tonight. In the end, they stayed put and got a proven talent in Christian Wilkins. He’s coming into the league with stats, a winning pedigree, and best of all, a personality. This defense has lacked an identity for awhile now, and Wilkins will bring one to this unit. Don’t expect much though, the Dolphins will still be bottom-feeders in the AFC East in 2019.

Atlanta Falcons’ prediction:

Dylan: I am going to follow the Clemson train and say Dexter Lawerence here. Like I have said prior, Clemson had the best defensive line here. GM Dimitroff has said he loves defensive lineman. Lawerence will compliment Vic Beasley wonderfully. Let’s ride this Clemson hype train, shall we?

Gust: I’m gonna go with a different direction than most have gone with the Falcons, and have them take Greedy Williams. Best CB on the board, and the number of injuries this defense sustained makes this a smart and safe pick. Having to face Michael Thomas and Mike Evans twice a year each makes this more of a necessity.

Actual pick: Chris Lindstrom

Overall grade:

Dylan: C This kind of came out of left field for me. I did not expect Atlanta to take a lineman, but the draft can reveal the motives of a team going forward into the season. The Falcons are looking to get some fresh legs on its offensive line with the addition of Lindstrom. Boston College was ranked for quite some time this past season, in which the team was headlined by AJ Dillon. I am not really familiar with Lindstrom to the point I can fully speculate if this is a good pick or not. There were definitely better lineman available, Ford, Taylor, Risner, McCoy, etc. It is so hard to predict good offensive-lineman; time will tell if this will pan out.

Gust: C+ Chris Lindstrom is a great prospect for his versatility along the line, but I feel like Garrett Bradbury, Dalton Risner, and Erik McCoy are all better options for the position. If the plan is to protect Matt Ryan, this certainly helps. So many defensive backs on the board, defensive lineman, and value picks at receiver or TE, not sure the Falcons got the most they could’ve out of this pick.

Washington Redskins’ prediction:

Dylan: I think Redskins are going to go QB here. But what the hell do I know? This draft is unpredictable to say the least. I gave my piece about Lock and Haskins earlier when I had the former slotted to go to Denver and the latter to Cincy. I would like to blame the seventh Busch light I am on, but you and I know both know water does not get you drunk. Still, I take Dwayne Haskins. He grew up relatively close to Lanover, so I would be surprised if he falls past this pick.

Gust: There has to be a QB needy team taking a QB eventually right?? This is where the Dwayne Haskins slide stops. You don’t throw 50 TD’s by accident, all of this smoke saying the media is higher on him than teams doesn’t make sense to me. Side note: earlier on in the draft they showed Haskins at his draft party and Dylan pointed out that a kid sitting next to him was wearing a Redskins jersey….I think his future insight proves to be correct.

Actual pick: Dwayne Haskins

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- Redskins have a bridge QB in Keenum, if you can even call him that. The only question is how long will the ‘Skins plan on having Haskins on the sideline? He is a day-one starter in my eyes and I personally believe he is the best QB in this draft. In one year, he put up 50 touchdowns and he is not even considered ‘mobile.’ This guy can shuffle around in the pocket and make the big-time throws. I absolutely love this pick. Unfortunately, I do not love the star-less offense of Washington. He will definitely have his hands full with carrying that team, but hopefully the backfield provides some relief. I expect Washington to have a top-five pick next year. Maybe get Judy from Alabama?

Gust: A Dan Snyder succeeded where Dave Gettleman didn’t. He took the right guy, while avoiding the temptation of moving up because he knew Gettleman would inevitably fail and take the wrong guy. Haskins dominated last year but still people wanted to point to his frame and compare him to Jamarcus Russell or a slightly better Jameis Winston. He will shake those comparisons fast.

Carolina Panthers’ prediction:

Dylan: I think it has to be Brian Burns or Jeffrey Simmons here. Also could make the case for Dexter Lawerence here. However, I am going to stick with Burns because Carolina needs edge help with Davis Sr exiting soon. Any help in blitzing, run-stoppage and pass coverage will help relieve Luke from literally doing everything. Could go offensive lineman here, but I just do not see it. It is not even guaranteed that Newton decides to play this year, maybe he will pull an Andrew Luck.

Gust: An offensive lineman to protect Cam Newton, or a defensive lineman to get after the opposing QB? I think it has to be latter, and Brian Burns is the pick. His weight is a concern but his skill level makes it far less of a problem.

Actual pick: Brian Burns

Overall grade:

Dylan: B+ FSU has been in a slump since Francios got injured in the opener a couple years ago against Alabama. However, their defense has always been top notch. There is a few schools in CFB where I hear about someone, watch them and already know they will be a 1st rounder. FSU, Clemson and Miss State are among the few that comprise this list.

Gust: B Dylan and I both had a feeling from the beginning that if Brian Burns slid past the Packers at 12 and the Redskins at 15, they’d be running up to the podium to take him. Burns is similar as a prospect to Leonard Floyd coming out of Georgia. Long & lanky but lacking in weight, great speed and bend off the edge, decent against the run but his bread and butter is the pass rush. The Panthers signed Bruce Irvin to a one year deal but was only decent last year, while Mario Addison is in a contract year and averaging about 9 sacks per season for the past 3 years. Burns will be the man for the job going forward.

New York Giants’ prediction:

Dylan: Giants got their man at the helm for the next decade or so (allegedly). Giants need some meat on the inside and are going to need a big boy to hold the line, literally. The only question is will it be a defensive or offensive lineman? Insert Jawon Taylor from Florida or Cody Ford from OU. With a guy like Saquon in the backfield and your heir to Eli, you need to be able to establish the run to setup the play-action. This should be a no brainer. Need to beef up if you are going to see Fletcher Cox twice a year.

Gust: Offensive line is the sensible pick, but once again, it’s Dave Gettleman we’re talking about. I think he wants a rock along the defensive line, and Dexter Lawrence is a literal rock, at almost 350 pounds. The NFC East emphasizes running the football and I think Lawrence will help them from getting gashed up the middle often in 2019.

Actual pick: Dexter Lawerence

Overall grade:

Dylan: B With Vernon gone and Damon Harrison on the Detroit Lions, the interior defense needs help and Lawerence will plug up any gaping holes left behind. Like a vacuum, he will be there to soak up any and every rusher who is foolishly arrogant to take this beefy man head-on. He had to sit out the CFB for taking an illegal drug, in which he claims he did not know about. This may cause some to question character rather than ability. I do not think he openly took something he knew was illegal, but it does not exempt negligence. It is up to him to work throughout his career in the ‘right’ way.

Gust: B- The 3rd Clemson defensive lineman to be drafted, I think the order went as it should. Dexter Lawrence would succeed in the NFL on any team if the expectations are for him to occupy space and eat up double teams against the run, occasionally swat a pass at the line of scrimmage, and collapse the pocket to snag a sack here and there when the QB is stepping up to avoid a rusher coming off the edge. The Giants defense will look vastly different after losing Oliver Vernon, Landon Collins, and Kerry Wynn, so Lawrence can come in and be a reliable starter, and one of the key guys going forward. Also, keep in mind this guy is a literal shit brickhouse of a human being at 6’4” / 340 lbs, imagine trying to run that guy over. Ain’t happening.

Minnesota Vikings’ prediction:

Dylan: The Vikings have an unbelievable defense who just had an off year. This defense is for real and now that they have a $84M QB at the helm it is obvious here- offensive lineman. Insert Cody Ford from OU here or Jawon Taylor at UF. I think you could go Garrett Bradbury from NC State here, but Ford and Taylor are proven against especially good competition.. Dillard is too much of a stretch at this point with all three of these beef sticks still on the board. Why not get Noah Fant and add another wrinkle to this great offense? These are the questions that keep you up at night.

Gust: This just has to be an offensive lineman. You don’t hand Kirk Cousins that kind of contract when they knew from the get go that their’ offensive line wasn’t that great, so solidifying that front is an absolute must. Jawaan Taylor is still available, but I believe a guy with versatility like a Dalton Risner would be a smarter move.

Actual pick: Garrett Bradbury

Overall grade:

Dylan: B+ This is a good pick for the Northerns. With an $84M QB at the helm, it pays to protect him. Like the Chargers, Minnesota is a team that I believe does not have many knots in its overall team, just a few spots where it might need an upgrade – insert Bradbury. Going into last season, Ryan Finley was supposed to be a potential first-rounder, but really deviated from expectations in a negative way. It was not due to the offensive line I can tell you that. In a division that has a bunch of beasts in the trenches, youth may conquer or pay immensely.

Gust: A+ Unless the Vikings can protect Kirk Cousins, they’ll never be able to justify handing him $84 million over 3 years. That’s just bad investment. I love that I’m a Packers fan and the majority of my friends are Vikings fans. The optimism is through the roof from their end going into every season, but the end result is always the same: inevitable heartbreak. To my dismay, this pick could help repair that heartbreak going forward. Garrett Bradbury is everything you look for in an interior offensive lineman. He has great footwork, when he had to pull on the plays he lined up at guard he won nearly every time, and he’s an athlete on the offensive line and not just another big guy. This was an outstanding pick by the Vikings.

Tennessee Titan’s prediction:

Dylan: Titans need a big boy to attack Luck, Foles and Watson on a week-to-week basis. The clear-cut best defensive lineman left is Jeffrey Simmons. This seems like the logical choice here. Only catch is he does have a season-ending injury he sustained in college, but this should serve as a benchmark in his mind, subsequently holding himself to a higher standard then everybody else.

Gust: I haven’t been high on Montez Sweat from the beginning of the draft process, but you can’t teach athleticism and speed. Those two things are Sweat’s biggest strengths, and i think the Titans can’t pass that up and hope to get the same type of player in the later rounds. Harold Landry and Sweat could form a formidable edge tandem for the next decade. I’m going Sweat

Actual pick: Jeffrey Simmons

Overal grade:

Dylan: B+ I love Simmons ability. Throughout his career, he has stepped up against opposing great offenses. Unfortunately, his offense just could not get the job done consistently. Miss State is a hot bed for defensive products, with two other potential first rounders in Abram and Sweat. Such a shame the NFL had to ruin this young man’s night with an incident that happened when he was still in high school and has been effectively resolved. No incidents in college, yet he is always attached. This is a different conversation for another day.

Gust: B+ Jeffery Simmons was going to be a steal for whatever team picked him, that was something I was certain of before the draft even started. But as the draft went on, I realized a team who didn’t have an abundance of picks could be at a disadvantage if they took him and weren’t a “win now” team. While the Titans are a “win now” team, they have flaws all over the place. I’m not certain they can sacrifice their first round picks’ rookie season next year, move forward as a team and take the next step to be a super bowl contender. Once Simmons does get the chance to play though, WATCH OUT,  because I think he could have the same impact Quinnen Williams will have on the Jets defensive line.

*Denver Broncos’ prediction:

Dylan: Drew Lock. Drew Lock. Drew Lock. Drew Lock. Drew Lock. Lock it in, bud.

Gust: I agree, thought it would’ve been the pick at 10, instead they get extra picks and still get their guy. Drew Lock all day.


Overall grade:

Dylan: B- Denver had a few other more pressing needs then a tight-end, in my opinion. Fant is not Hockenson – he cannot block opposing edge-defenders to the same impact. The good news is he is like a Jimmy Graham when he was with the Saints. He can line up everywhere on the field and has above average hands. Allows the QB to stretch the defense vertically and can outrun line-backers in coverage. Great weapon in the redzone. Could give Flacco nice support to check-down too. With the success of Kittle last season, tight-ends might be up-and-coming prospects for the foreseeable future.

Gust: B The last time the Broncos had a dynamic TE was the year Julius Thomas fooled all of us into thinking he was a game changing talent at the spot. Enter Noah Fant who will be a guy who can take the top off the defense as a TE, or line up in the slot, catch an underneath drag and turn up the field for a big gain. His receiving skills are incredible, but he isn’t known as a blocker, having Hockenson as a teammate helped make that job easier for him at Iowa. The Broncos will be able to experiment with him as a receiver in different formations going forward, I just think the Broncos should’ve went a different direction with their top pick. They have far too many questions surrounding their linebackers and defensive backs. The trade back to gain an extra selection this year and next year helps make this pick.

*Seattle Seahawks’ prediction:

Dylan: Seattle needs a defensive lineman more than ever after making that trade with KC. I know he has a heart condition, but Montez Sweat is an ideal candidate. Of course his heart condition is a negative, but he is worth the gamble. Miss State has a great track record

Gust: Has to be an offensive lineman or a defensive back. I think the resurrection of the Legion of Boom begins now, and it starts with a stud in Byron Murphy. Didn’t have great stats but is a true shut down corner, and i think fits Seattle’s scheme perfectly.

Actual pick: *TRADED TO THE GREEN BAY PACKERS – Darnell Savage

Overall grade:

Dylan: C There were better players on the board then Savage, for instance Jonathon Abram from Miss State. I personally loved Nasir Adderly from Delware and could see him sneaking his way into the first round. Green Bay seems to draft a defensive back every year in the first-round. Statistically, Savage had a pretty good year recording 4 INTs and 50+ tackles. Time will tell if he is the right pick. Alexander seems to be the anchor in the backfield, let’s see how the two make opposing offenses pay.

Gust: A- Another homer pick for Gusty. While I was in love with the Gary pick, I have more questions about this one. The media wasn’t as high on Savage as the teams were, giving him a 3rd round grade, while the scouts viewed him as one of the top safties in the draft. I saw multiple videos where people called him one of their “diamond in the rough prospects” and I started to understand why. This guy is a baller. He was at the ball literally every play when he was at Maryland, and when he made a play on the ball in the back end he was always in great position. While I think the Packers maybe could’ve selected him with their’ 2nd round pick, it’s clear this was their guy and they couldn’t risk letting him sit on the board with teams like Seattle, Oakland, and Houston in front of them.

*Baltimore Ravens’ prediction:

Dylan: Marshal Yanda is aging and they need a lineman with fresh legs to keep this young man safe and healthy. If Lamar is healthy and protected, along with learning how to play the game – essentially, learning how read defenses, he is unstoppable. Need to protect your investment and what better way then getting a big fella.

Gust: There’s no linebacker worthy of a pick in this area, so instead they focus on offense, and take the number 1 offensive threat in the draft in Marquise Brown. If he’s anything like his cousin Antonio, he can make up for Lamar’s struggles as a passer and add an extra dimension to this offense.


Overall grade:

Dylan: B In a true air-raid system such as Mike Leach’s offense, Dillard showed he can pass protect literally all game long. My biggest concern with him is lack of actual competition. This is not necessarily a dig at the Pac-12, but it is not even close compared to the other four big conferences in talent and competition. Wentz has a problem with staying healthy, so this should improve his chances of actually playing in the post-season. On the other hand, the secondary needed help all year long. Not a single corner has been taken. I would have taken DeAndre Baker.

Gust: B- Similar to the Falcons plan, I believe the Eagles made this trade solely to maintain their’ investment in Carson Wentz. After losing their insurance plan in “Big Dick” Nick Foles, protecting Carson Wentz should be the Eagles focus. If he can’t stay healthy for a full season, I just can’t imagine Luiz Perez (an elite AAF QB in case you didn’t know) replicate the same success Nick Foles had. Andre Dillard is a great player, but he’s coming from a team that passed nearly 70% of their offensive plays, to a professional team that wants to run the football to limit the amount of hits their quarterback takes. Those 2 things just don’t add up to me. The Eagles had an infinite amount of questions in their secondary during and after the 2019 season, why didn’t they take the best prospects available at that position?? No corners have came off the board yet??

Houston Texans prediction:

Dylan: Watson needs protection like horny teenagers needs condoms. Get Watson some protection and don’t have unprotected sex. He was sacked 60+ times last year. No QB should be hit that much in a two-year span. Ford from OU, Taylor from UF and Dillard are still available. I would go with Taylor from UF

Nate: I agree wholeheartedly, this pick needs to be an offensive lineman. Of all the lineman available, Cody Ford from OU has the most versatility, a real mauler to protect Watson and open running lanes.

Actual pick: Tytus Howard

Overall grade:

Dylan: N/A I know nothing about this guy, mostly due to him playing on Alabama State. How many of you watched the Alabama State Hornets? Yeah, that is what I thought. I am sure he is a solid player, but was he the best choice? Taylor and Ford played in power-five conferences against great competition and are proven. Time will tell if this is a dud.

Gust: C+ I’ll be honest, I hardly know anything about Tytus Howard besides his performance at the Senior Bowl. Howard and Western Illinois DT Jalen Saunders were the small school players that excelled in individual drills all week that everyone was talking about. I thought of him more as a 2nd or early 3rd round player a team like the Cardinals could take to protect Kyler Murray with not as much risk. The Texans need offensive line help badly if they want to keep Deshaun Watson in the lineup instead of AJ McCarron (forgot he even signed with this team) and in front of Indianapolis. I hope the Texans double down on offensive line in this draft.

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders’ prediction:

Dylan: Marshawn Lynch retired for the second time and they don’t have a stud running back anymore. I believe Josh Jacobs is the move here. Big concern about him is his lack of experience and touches, but I don’t believe that. He is a beast. Get him the ball and let him run.


Actual Pick: Josh Jacobs

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- It appears Gust does not know how to properly use the caps lock button. Shame. I like this pick, Jacobs is a physically-dominating runner who can definitely have an impact from the start in the AFC West. His biggest knock is lack of touches and experience, but I see it differently. Sure, experience is needed and valued, but lack of touches means he is not wear-and-teared like the rest of these guys who have played consistently. Yes, Alabama has multiple running-backs, but Jacobs proved to be the best of the bunch. He should make an immediate impact and have Oakland asking, “Marshawn-who?”

Gust: B- I don’t know how I feel about this pick. Josh Jacobs will be a great offensive weapon for this team. But seeing that the Eagles moved up ahead of the Ravens who have Mark Ingram, and the Colts who have insisted they believe in Marlon Mack, it’s not inconceivable to think they could’ve snagged him at pick #27. Many other options with this pick and a weak roster across the board, I don’t know if a RB was the best choice. Regardless, the Raiders only signed Chris Ivory this offseason and Marshawn Lynch is still mulling over retirement, meaning Jacobs should get the lion’s share of snaps out of the backfield because of his 3-down skill set.

Baltimore Ravens prediction:

Dylan: No secret what the Ravens need – offensive lineman and a playmaker. It seems every year Baltimore passes on a wide-receiver to fill some other need on the team. Gusty boy made a point earlier about maybe Hollywood Brown potentially going here. I could definitely see Ravens getting a wide-receiver speedster, insert HOLLYWOOD , but the most important need is a lineman. Taylor or Ford. A bit of a stretch, but Risner as well. Hard to pass up on a wide receiver. I am going to stick to my gut and say Cody Ford from OU.

Gust: Still sticking to my gut and going with Hollywood Brown. Compared to Desean Jackson coming out of Cal, even if he is 170 pounds we all saw how Desean’s game transferred to the NFL….

Actual pick: Marquise Brown

Overall grade:

Dylan: B+ I have seen Hollywood enough to know he is the real deal. Man can catch and has the break-away speed you look for. I do not think he will be as good as his cousin, AB84 “Cry baby”, but he definitely can become a difference maker. And for once since Steven Smith Sr., the Ravens have a playmaker on the outside. Should make things interesting in the future wars between him and Denzel Ward. I am not sold on him as an All-Pro though. When is the last time you saw an OU wide-out exceed expectations?

Gust: A How crazy is it that Antonio Brown ousted the Steelers and now he gets to cheer on his cousin twice a year against his former squad in this rivalry? I thought if the Ravens were going to take a receiver with their first pick, it had to be “Hollywood” Brown. Any other receiver they could’ve taken this high would be forcing a fit with Lamar Jackson, but this pairing has the potential to be electric. Undersized, but able to run all of the routes in the book with the same type of shiftiness as Antonio Brown….this isn’t a value pick, this is a steal at 25. The comparisons of a Mike Vick/DeSean Jackson duo are easy to envision, and I’m sure GM Eric DeCosta realized it too. What a great splash pick for the first in the post-Ozzie Newsome era.

*Indianapolis Colts’ prediction:

Dylan: Luck has been given a second mortgage on his shoulder and needs to take advantage of it. Need talent on the offensive side of the ball. Not another top-tier running back in this draft, so wide receiver it is. Metcalf had amazing combine numbers, but I am 100% sold on ASU wideout N’Keal Harry from my home state of Arizona. THE MAN HAS THE HANDS.

Gust: I’ve seen so many comparisons of Johnathan Abram‘s game to Barry Sanders, that makes me so excited to see that skill set next to Malik Hooker. Could be the steal of the first-round.


Overall grade:

Dylan: B+ Like I have said before, Miss State is a hot bed for defensive studs. The biggest knock against Sweat is something you cannot really fault him for – heart condition. He has the monitor to be a great edge-defender. He still is not 100% polished as a defender, but he has a pretty good arsenal of moves – a head fake and a pretty effective bullrush move. With the success that Chris Jones for KC has had, it is yet another example of this big hogmolly getting his shot at the pros. Maurice Hurst had a heart condition and was still gambled on, I believe the same could be said for Sweat.

Gust: B I had a feeling the Colts would trade back for more picks, but I never expected the team to trade back into the first would be the Redskins. The infatuation with Alabama players made me think they we’re going to wait for Tua Tagovailoa next year, but they took Dwayne Haskins instead so maybe Dan Snyder is finally sick of the mediocrity. Sweat’s otherworldly workout at the combine couldn’t go unnoticed because of his heart condition. When he was forced to play without Jeffery Simmons he was still effective, and against top competition in the SEC. The Redskins have some mammoths on their defensive line. People seem to forget this team was leading the division far into the season, and they’ve added lots of talent to the roster so far this offseason. Possible dark horse to win the NFC East this year.

Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders’ prediction:

Dylan: Oakland needs some more personality on that defense and I think Jonathan Abrams will fit perfectly in the Oakland personality. Many people regard him as the biggest trash talker and he will need to back it up in a tough AFC West division. Could look forward to future showdowns between him and Mahomes.

Gust: The Raiders regret taking Karl Joseph a couple years ago, and I think John Gruden looks for his leader in the secondary. Jonathan Abrams would be perfect for this team, but I could also see them reaching on a player like Taylor Rapp if they like his potential better, just like they did with Clelin Farrell earlier in this round. I am going to go with Taylor Rapp.

Actual pick: Jonathon Abram

Overall grade:

Dylan: A I have been saying it all along, Miss State is loaded. I watch a lot of SEC football, more than any other conference and this guy walks his talk. I remember hearing one game he used to play QB in high school, which automatically puts him at an advantage of reading the opposing QB. He has a lot on his plate going forward with the Raiders still not quite set to compete. If he can help re-establish that defense, could see a Chicago Bears dynamic in the West (bad offense saved by great defense).

Gust: A- I love this pairing. Johnathan Abram compares his game to Bob Sanders, and it’s easy to see why. This dude will give you a 2-piece and a biscuit. Dylan was telling me about how much trash this guy talks too, which is everything a Raiders player under Jon Gruden should be. Leadership, leadership, leadership. All of the Raiders picks are guys who Mayock and Gruden will count on to steer the ship that is the USS Oakland/Las Vegas to relevancy going forward.

Los Angeles Chargers prediction:

Dylan: I can see the Chargers going DB because of Verrett’s departure. Could add a defensive back in this deep draft, in which I think Byron Murphy here. However, there is top-tier linemen available here on the offensive side of the ball. At what point do you let these two studs fall in Ford and Taylor? Defense is pretty solid, especially in the trenches. I could see LA drafting a defensive-lineman, but odds are whoever they would want would be here Day two. Do not be the Giants.

Gust: Offensive line or CB, Cody Ford or Byron Murphy. I feel bad putting so many of the same players as these picks, but this is what happens when you see talent slide down the draft board. The chargers are a team with few weaknesses so a surprise pick of a WR or S could also be in the cards.

Actual Pick: Jerry Tillery

Overall grade:

Dylan: C+ It seems the Chargers decided to beef up the trenches, cannot blame them. However, I do not particularly like Notre Dame prospects usually. Has nothing to do with the team in itself, although I do hate the Irish, I just do not think he is consistent enough to be this high of a pick. I think this is bit of a reach, but we will see. LA is pretty staked head-to-toe and will only get better. Who does not want to play in LA? It seems every year I have the Chargers as a top-five team (personnel-wise), yet they seem to disappoint every year.

Gust: B+ The Chargers are the closest thing to being a complete team in the NFL. They have very few need spots, possibly offensive line, so a value pick in Jerry Tillery isn’t considered a reach. I thought he would go in the 2nd round, but he is a great player. I love Pro Football Focus, and they were all over this guy, even having him going to the Jets at #3 in one of their mocks. His hand usage and quick first step are great for a guy his size, and going to a team that won’t expect the world out of him right away in LA will allow him to play without too much pressure. Still, I would’ve loved to see a corner go to this team. They play Mahomes twice a year and Casey Hayward can only cover one side of the field.

Seattle Seahawks’ prediction:

Dylan: I have to agree with Gusty boy on this one. This draft has proven hard to predict. Seattle has lost a lot of people over the years. Everyone and their mother knows Seattle needs to protect Wilson and that starts on the line. I am going Taylor from UF. However, losing Frank Clark is a big piece missing in the trenches for the defense. I would not be surprised to see a defensive-lineman taken here. Question is: “who?”

Gust: Offensive Line, they improved drastically as the season went on but they’re still a garbage unit. Risner, Ford, or Taylor. Take your pick.

Actual pick: L.J Collier

Overall grade:

Dylan: C- I saw Collier a lot in the Big 12 and I was never really that impressed with him. He had a great Senior Bowl, but the only things I see as a positive is his power. Against great offensive-lineman, I am not sure he has the ability to plug up the holes. He did not do anything too memorable for me in his tenure at TCU. In this heavy defensive front class, this seems to be a bit of a reach but when you lose Frank Clark, you have to reload. Time will tell. Seattle has a knack for having a lot of roster turnover.

Gust: B I was just telling Dylan that they started talking about this guy out of nowhere on NFL Live this past week, and of course it’s the Seahawks who take him. I thought for sure they’d take Byron Murphy or Greedy Williams, but taking Frank Clark’s replacement couldn’t wait. This guy has a bull rush like a real bull, and he’ll cost way less than $100 million over the next 5 years. The Seahawks hit on most of their early round picks so it’s tough for me to have a problem with this one.

Seattle Seahawks’ prediction:

Dylan: With the pick before, I thought an offensive-lineman would be taken, but it turns out it was a defensive-lineman, which was my second guess. I know I do not get any credit, blah blah blah. This draft has been unpredictable, guy. Now that Seattle has addressed Frank Clark’s replacement, time to get Wilson some protection – Taylor from UF or Ford from OU.

Gust: Could go a couple different ways, maybe decide to trade back in the draft. Who knows? Every time I think an OL will be selected it is the opposite. I am going with either Taylor, Ford or McCoy here.

Actual pick: TRADE TO NY GIANTS – Deandre Baker

Overall grade:

Dylan: A- Like I said, unpredictable. The Giants had to give an arm and a leg to get Baker. Baker sat out the Sugar Bowl because he was afraid of Sam Ehlinger and the potent Texas offensive. Can you blame him? Actually, yes because WE SLAPPED THEM AROUND LIKE THEY OWED CHILD SUPPORT. All biases aside, he is a stud and won the award for best corner-back in college for a reason, along with being an All-American. This should help solidify the Giants secondary after the departure of Collins and Eli Apple. In a passing league, it pays to have Baker on your side.

Gust: B+ Wow. We’re blessed with another Giants pick in the 2019 draft. Only difference is this is one that I actually like. I’ve always had a fondness towards Georgia, I feel like most players that come out of their’ program have success in the NFL. Guys like AJ Green, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Todd Gurley, Justin Houston, Thomas Davis, the list goes on. Deandre Baker has the type of confidence a corner needs in the NFL. The Giants used a 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft last season for Sam Beal, and he never saw the field. If he comes back healthy and he and Deandre Baker form a solid duo, suddenly the Giants have depth at corner with those 2 alongside Janoris Jenkins.

*Los Angeles Rams’ prediction:

Dylan: What does LA need? Well, firstly better play-calling on the offensive front. Had every opportunity to beat NE and could not pull the trigger. That moment will provide Goff-haters and anti-McVay’s fuel all through the summer. You need to show up. Fortunately, LA is in luck. I do not know how two spectacular offensive-lineman have faded this far down draft boards, but here we are. Ford or Taylor.

Gust: You see it a lot now, teams wanting to emulate the Rams success. It is true that many players want to live and play in LA. That reason alone will attract people automatically. However, you need better play-calling and protection on the offensive front. I am going OL here and picking Erick McCoy from TAMU.

Actual pick:

Overall grade: Kaleb McGary

Dylan: C- It seems the universe does not want those two beefy individuals to be drafted in the first round. Fine, I get it. The man upstairs works in mysterious ways is what I hear. Anyway, Atlanta already added an offensive lineman earlier in this draft and decided to get another. Strike while the iron is hot, except get a less-talented player. Ryan is a top-15 QB and he definitely needs help. Whether I like this pick or not, cannot fault the Falcons for wanting to protect its franchise QB.

Gust: C So the Falcons chose to double down on offensive line help, but they definitely reached with this pick. Kaleb McGary was a guy who was supposed to go to a team that was desperate for line help, that felt they were going to miss out on one if there was a sudden run on offensive lineman. This pick isn’t as bad thanks to the Lindstrom one. I just don’t see him playing LT at any point, so I’m not sure they couldn’t have gotten a guy with more upside later in the draft.

New England Patriots’ prediction:

Dylan: Gronk was a rock for NE and Brady. The ultimate Trump card. With him gone, it makes things interesting and by interesting I mean NE needs help interesting. Portnoy would tell you everything is OK, but reality is Brady needs offense and more obvious – NE needs an heir to the throne. Drew Lock is available, but I am going to go out on a limb and say . . . WIL GRIER. Has a good arm, makes deep, accurate throws and plays good in cold weather, which is about 3/4 the season in the AFC East. This is the biggest gamble I have taken this entire first-round, but you never know.

Gust:Brady is getting up there in age, but seemingly never misses a beat. It is annoying, quite frankly and I am looking forward to the day this man leaves once-and-for-all. With that said, Josh Gordon needs replaced and I can see AJ Brown, Metcalf and perhaps Deebo filling the gap here. In the end, it does not matter – you have Tom effing Brady.

Actual pick: N’Keal Harry

Overall grade:

Dylan: A I love this pick. Yeah, I know I was not right, but that is the thing with a ‘hot take’, you rarely are actually proven right or wrong. In this case, I was proven wrong, but you never know what Belichick is thinking. With Josh Gordon on “vacation” and Gronk gone, it is solely up to Brady and Edelman to get the ball running. I like Michel, but NE is not a run-first type of offense. James White has made a living being a third-option and I am sure so will Michel. Harry has the hands to be an elite receiver in this league, only problem is how will he play in a division of great secondary players? Pac-12 does not really boast any superstar challengers. I told Gusty boy watch out for a Josh Rosen-to-NE trade right here, but it seems the Patriots decided against it and got a helluva a player.

Gust: A- At this point, I know the certainties in life: death, taxes, and Bill Belichick having a good draft weekend. I’ve learned to never question his draft picks, because most of the picks I don’t like end up being guys that are key contributors on Super Bowl winning teams. I didn’t think they’d take D.K. Metcalf, but I thought A.J. Brown or Deebo Samuel fit the mold of guys they’d like more than Harry. By no means is this a bad pick though, Harry is a monster in the red zone and after the catch, and if somehow Josh Gordon comes back is reinstated, this WR corps would be insane.

NOTE: These analysis’ of each and every team’s first-round pick was done prior to the other rounds, so we do not include any other picks when considering the overall grade in its entirety.

Like I say every time after I wrap up my blog, I appreciate you guys. Whether you read the heading, first few paragraphs or the entire entry, I want to say thank you. Gust, like myself, has a passion for sports and it is incredible fun and exciting for us to give our two sense to the general public and allow people to comment back with their opinions and thoughts about our analysis and their team’s pick.

With that said, please comment below and let us know – we can talk sports all day. Literally, ask our lady-friends. They can vouch. Love you all, new blog will be here in a couple weeks and I will be sure to have Gusty boy return. I am planning on having a fantasy football pre-season evaluation entry as pre-season approaches, so stay tuned for that. Have a good summer.

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